No one can care as much about your pets as you do, but The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital are sure to come a close second. After all, our very day to day existence is taking care of other people’s animals.

One of the many ways that we show our care and dedication to you and your pets is through our blog content. These carefully crafted posts help us to educate, enrich, and elevate the human-animal bond. In case you aren’t already an avid reader, we thought that we would share with you our most read pet care blogs of 2019.

Wheaton Animal Hospital’s Most Read Pet Care Blogs of 2019

10. Kitty Communication: What Is Your Cat’s Tail Trying To Tell You?
It’s easy to tell when dogs are happy – they wag their tails. A cat’s tail is just as expressive as a dog’s, but for many, deciphering “cat tail language” isn’t always easy. Keep reading…

9. Leptospirosis And Your Dog
Leptospirosis is not a disease that most people are familiar with, yet this relatively common bacterial disease is on the rise. It is a serious infection not only affects our pets but can infect people as well. Leptospirosis is caused by a bacterial organism that is found in the urine and bodily fluids of infected animals. Read more!

8. That Thing You Do: Strange Dog Behaviors Explained
Dogs are amazing, if not a little odd. We take many of their quirky but cute habits for granted. Every once in awhile, though, your pup does something that makes you stop and wonder.  Fetch!

7. Introducing… The Catio! The Ultimate Chill Spot For Your Feline Friend
But as you might imagine, the life of an indoor cat can become lacking. Just take a look at Fluffy’s obsession with gazing out the window at all of those (tasty) birds. Given their ancestry,  it’s not surprising that cats want to be outdoors. So how can you offer some time in nature while keeping your cat (and the bird population) protected? ––Why, the catio! Of course! Read right meow?

6. Smarty Cat: A Closer Look At Feline Intelligence
They’ve been around us for millennia, and yet, we aren’t that much closer to understanding cats. To be sure, there’s far more research about the existence – and scope – of canine IQ. Most cat owners know how smart and clever their cats truly are, and luckily, the field of feline intelligence is rapidly expanding. Get the scoop!

5. The Mystery Behind Why Cats Sleep So Much
Being a master of stealth requires a great deal of energy. For cats, they have to be able to wait for any kind of action for hours on end (all the pouncing, pawing, hunting, stalking, and running notwithstanding). Plus, jumping to dizzyingly high places or perching dangerously on the edge can make anyone feel a bit, well, drowsy to say the least. Keep reading…

4. Bloat In Dogs: A Real Emergency
Some pet emergencies, like a pet who has been hit by a car, are pretty obvious. Others are a little less in your face. In particular, suspected bloat in dogs is one of those do-not-pass-go situations that requires a vet visit yesterday and is one that every pet owner should know about. Read more…

3. Too Much, Too Often: How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark
Dogs and barking seem to go hand-in-hand. In fact, it can actually be helpful when your pet barks to alert you to a dangerous situation or an unknown visitor. However, unprovoked bouts of barking or prolonged periods of barking can be difficult to manage. Woof!

2. Help! My Pet Has Been Sprayed By A Skunk!
There’s no mistaking the unique aroma of skunk spray. If you’ve ever been the unfortunate owner of a recently-sprayed pet, you know all too well the noxious, eye-watering stench. Rushing to bathe your pet was probably your first instinct, but bringing them inside and getting them wet is actually the worst thing you can do! Read on!

1. The Very Real Threat Of Coyotes To Your Pet
Coyotes have certainly earned their place on the food chain (and continue to be important contributors to the ecological community), but the threat of coyotes to your pet is sizable. Read more….

Our pet care blogs are a reflection of our dedication to helping you provide the best possible care for your pet. We mean it when we refer to ourselves at the Pet Experts, and it is our mission to care for your pets using the highest standards of care.

When it comes to pet care, you are an important part of the team, and we hope that our pet care blog helps you to join us in being outstanding pet lovers. 

Our family at Wheaton Animal Hospital wishes you and your pets a very happy and healthy 2020. As always, please contact us if we can be of any assistance in making that happen.