A cat sleeping next to a suitcase.

It’s never easy to leave your pet, but sometimes you have to. Whatever the circumstances are, you want to be absolutely sure that they’ll receive the same (or at least a similar) level of care in your absence. If you’re not able to leave your pet at home with a family member, friend, or professional pet sitter, how do you find the right pet boarding facility? There are definite considerations that factor into your decision-making, and we’re here to help you zero in on the right candidates.

Realistic Expectations

Your pet’s comfort is a primary concern, but so is their overall safety and security. The process of finding the right pet boarding facility requires careful research and preparation. Knowing what to look for, and which questions to ask, are part of this approach and best when completed without a time crunch looming.

Assessing Health and Behavior

For some pet owners, it’s critical if a veterinarian is either on-site or available on-call. Senior pets or animals with medical conditions benefit from consistent surveillance to ensure they’re doing okay away from home. Also, pets that rely on certain medications may be better served in a boarding facility inside a veterinary hospital. If there’s ever a need for a veterinarian or emergency services, your pet could receive care immediately.

Additionally, pets that suffer from stress-induced or noise anxiety may depend on a higher level of attention to get through their stay. 

Scheduling Visits

A boarding facility may look amazing online or in print advertisements, but the in-person experience tells a different story. That’s why it is essential to schedule appointments or simply drop in to get a better idea of what could be in store for your pet. 

Take special note of the way the facility smells and looks and ask yourself the following:

  • What is the noise level? 
  • Are there anti-slip surfaces for pets? 
  • What are the sleeping conditions like? 
  • What are the temperature controls?
  • Are there separate quarters for cats and dogs?
  • Are there opportunities for socialization?
  • How much will your pet be walked or exercised? 
  • Who would be on site while your pet was there?
  • What are their practices for note keeping or progress reports?
  • Will they send you pictures of videos every day?
  • Do they have a list of professional and personal references?
  • What is the staff turnover like?
  • Are the employees friendly and happy to see the animals in their care?
  • What are the add-on services they offer, such as grooming, dog daycare, special treats, dental care, or laser therapy?

We offer safe and secure pet boarding at Wheaton Animal Hospital, and take pride in caring for our community’s pets when their owners are away. Please call us at (630) 665-1500 to schedule a tour, we’re happy to show you how much we care for our visitors.

Pet Boarding Is a Good Option

It’s a giant leap to leave your pet in the care of others. Doing your due diligence improves your level of trust so you can leave with confidence.

If you have additional questions about what to look out for when boarding your pet, please call us at (630) 665-1500. Our staff is always here for you at Wheaton Animal Hospital