A man rubs heads with his cat.

It’s not easy to find a veterinary hospital that checks all the boxes. Often, it comes down to the people you meet at the hospital. It is essential that you like and respect everyone that directly or indirectly handles your pet. Your positive interactions build trust and confidence and influence how often you bring your pet in for routine exams. 

Cat owners know the struggle of finding a veterinary hospital that doesn’t add to their cat’s stress or anxiety. We are proud to say that we’re a certified Cat-Friendly Practice, and we value each and every feline we see.

A Very High Standard

We recognize the time cat owners put into finding the right hospital for their feline, so when we see a new client and patient we’re thrilled to meet them. To ensure that our feline patients receive the best possible care, we’ve gone the extra mile of creating the best possible experience for them. 

The distinction of a Cat-Friendly practice is a special one. Through ongoing training and continued education, we’ve proven that we recognize and appreciate the highly unique needs of cats. 

Fluffy Won’t Go

Without a doubt, cat owners have more trouble getting their cat to the vet than other pet owners. Cats detest having to leave their territory, being forced into their travel carrier, transportation, and the fear surrounding strange places, possibly full of dogs. Who wouldn’t be stressed out about that?

Plus, if your cat’s only experiences at the vet were connected to illness or injury, it’s no wonder their hackles rise at the experience. 

Come On In!

As a cat-friendly practice, we have separate waiting and exam rooms just for cats. Our staff also receives specialized training to know how to respond to scared or stressed cats by looking for certain facial and behavioral cues. The ability to hold a fractious cat cannot be underestimated, and our staff are all experts. 

The result? A better experience and, often, a better outcome for the cat. 

The Meaning of a Cat Friendly Practice

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) designed the program for veterinary hospitals to earn the distinction of a Cat-Friendly Practice. They are responsible for establishing a gold standard of care that we diligently abide by. We promote feline vitality and embrace each opportunity to treat cats and their people with curiosity, respect, and care. 

The Future Is Bright

Gone are the days that cat owners opted for no veterinary care in the face of abject feline terror or aggression. Cats benefit from routine care and our highly trained staff members are ready to serve your cat in our state-of-the-art facility. Not only is the future of feline physical health bright, but the prospects of supporting their mental and emotional well-being are equally compelling.

Please let us know if you’d like to tour our hospital, or call us at (630) 665-1500. Our Cat-Friendly Practice is always happy to help.