What Are Pet Microchips and How Do They Work?

Pet microchips help lost pets get homeIt sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but pet microchips have been around for more than two decades. Statistics show that dogs and cats with chips are reunited with their owners 52% and 38% of the time, respectively. The likelihood of an animal going home that is not microchipped is much, much smaller. Because the Pet Experts believe in the power of pet microchips, we offer them for free at your pet’s first wellness exam.

Not a Replacement

Pet microchips are never a replacement for collars and tags. Rather, they act as a supplemental insurance against permanent separation.

The Skinny

Encased in biocompatible glass or polymer, pet microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and simply comprised of a capacitor, antenna, and connecting wire. They do not contain a battery and do not use GPS to show location. Continue…

Pet Microchipping: The Best Defense in Preventing Lost Pets


veterinary careAt some point in almost every pet parent’s life, there comes a near-miss pet escape. Whether through that gap in the fence you’ve been meaning to fix or a child leaving the back gate open, pets sometimes get loose, even when we are careful. That is why pet microchipping is such an amazing option in preventing lost pets from remaining lost or becoming stolen.

From veterinarians to shelters to organizations such as the ASPCA, microchipping is highly recommended. So, let’s explore why… Continue…