Little Known Health Benefits of Relaxing with Your Pet

It’s no secret that having a pet can make you healthier. Some of the benefits are obvious – walking and running with your pet increases your fitness and ensures you get outside for fresh air every day. However, for most of us, the downtime at the end of the day is where we connect with our pets. But is all this relaxing together with our furry companions just good for our physical health?

The good news is that any time spent in the company of a four-legged companion has the potential to improve the state of our overall health and wellness. Let The Pet Experts highlight the many benefits of relaxing with your pet!


10 Undeniably Great Reasons to Adopt a Dog

adopt a petEver catch yourself gazing enviously at your neighbor, happily walking his Min-Pin? Ever long to go camping with a happy-go-lucky lab or just snuggling up on the couch with a furry best friend? You’re not alone!

There are over 78 million dogs in the United States, and man’s best friend can surely bring a lot of joy and devotion to someone’s life. If you’re on the fence about whether to adopt a dog, we encourage you to consider the following list of reasons this may be the right decision for you.