After daylight savings comes and goes, we’re faced with endless seasonal possibilities – and countless chores. To be sure, the extra time in the day allows for more productivity, but where does that leave Fluffy or Fido?

Your pet may be unimpressed by your spring cleaning endeavors or perhaps he or she wants to get in the middle of things. Likewise, your pet could feel unsettled or confused by the increased activity, new smells, and less couch time together. Whatever the case may be, keeping an eye on spring pet safety ensures that everyone enjoys the season in good health. That’s where The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital comes in!

The Thing About Supplies

As soon as the first crocus emerges, we start gathering all the necessary tools to achieve our spring cleaning goals. Of course, certain products that are guaranteed to make things shine can also place your pet at risk. Even cleaning products that claim to be “all natural” aren’t always safe, making it absolutely critical to know what you’re buying and using at home.

A good rule of thumb? If the label on the product says that it’s unsafe for a human to ingest it, then it’s unsuitable to use around your pet.

Just Don’t Breathe

Airborne vapors and surface residues are primarily to blame for causing dangerous symptoms in your pet. Aside from respiratory or skin irritation, your pet’s immune system could be at risk.

An effective way to combat these reactions is to dilute the product with water. Also use the product as directed and completely rinse and wipe the surface to minimize any absorption by your pet’s tongue, paws, or nose.

Storing these products securely is another surefire way to protect your pet from harmful chemicals.

Easy Spring Pet Safety

Natural alternatives, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt (among others) are powerful cleaners in their own right and don’t place your pet at risk.

If you ever have any questions about spring pet safety, our team is here to help. Likewise, the Pet Poison Helpline is a great resource.

Getting Into It

If you’re looking for other ways to branch out with your cleaning skills, The Pet Experts recommend using a gentle cleanser to:

  • Launder and air out your pet’s bedding, collar, leash, and stuffed toys
  • Wash his or her crate and travel kennel
  • Clean out the litter box, scrub, and refill with new litter
  • Wash food and water bowls/drinking fountain and replace water filter cartridges if necessary
  • Rinse out and disinfect empty food storage bins

Lastly, spring is an excellent time to schedule a grooming appointment. Excessive shedding and dry skin after a long, cold winter can be addressed, nails will be trimmed, and hair will be cut for a brilliant effect. Also, if your pet is sporting doggy or kitty breath, he or she may be due for a dental exam or cleaning. Now that’s the type of spring cleaning we definitely don’t mind!

Please let us know if your pet needs an overall wellness exam. The Pet Experts can help you address parasite prevention, necessary vaccinations, and other ways to prepare for spring pet safety. No matter the season, Wheaton Animal Hospital is always here for you and your pet!