Get Your Home Pet Ready for the Holiday Season

Holiday pet safety

With so much hustle and bustle around the holidays, it’s important to remember furry members of the family that might need a little extra care. Since your home may be filled with more hazardous items and more people than normal, it’s necessary to take preventive measures to keep your pets safe. 


Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving: Gratefulness for Your Pet

Pet-friendly Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, gratitude is at the forefront of many of our minds.

At Wheaton Animal Hospital, we are thankful for the amazing patients, clients, and staff that have helped our practice become what it is today. And we hope that, in turn, you are thankful for all that your pets have given you.


Indoor Enrichment Ideas to Reduce Pet Boredom

Dog with ball.

Some pets aren’t exactly demanding when it comes to their environment, but they still enjoy and benefit from having interesting things to do. Other animals require consistent activities to keep destructive or dangerous behaviors at bay. Wherever your pet lands on this spectrum, it is crucial to engage them every single day. Otherwise, pet boredom may start to creep in.


Halloween Pet Safety: No Tricks, Only Treats

Halloween pet safety.

Halloween is traditionally a holiday filled with candy, sweets, and goodies. When celebrating, it is easy to want to include your pet in the festivities. With Wheaton Animal Hospital’s Halloween pet safety tips, you and your pet can make the most of the spooky season.


5 Common Cat Questions Answered!

A man works from home with his cat.

One in three households in the U.S. includes a cat among its family members. Cats are so very appealing thanks to their range of quirky personalities. Many cat lovers are compelled to find ways to understand the mysteries of their pets and, naturally, look to the internet for answers. We’ve gathered some of the most commonly Googled questions about cats:


FIV/FeLV in Cats: What You Should Know

Cat diagnostic exam.

We hear a lot about feline leukemia (FeLV) and wonder if it’s safe for infected cats to be around human babies and other household pets. The truth is that feline leukemia affects cats, not other animals or people. The same is true of feline immunodeficiency (FIV). There is no evidence that humans or other pets can be infected. It is possible, however, for an infected cat to transmit the disease to other cats.


Help, My Dog’s Balding!

Pet hair loss

Are you constantly cleaning piles of dog hair off furniture? Is your floor or carpet thick with a layer of animal fur? If you have a shedding breed, that’s to be expected. But if you see bald spots—patchy areas with no hair—there is reason to be concerned for your pet’s health.

What Causes Dogs To Lose Their Fur?


Urinary Problems in Dogs and Cats

Puppy urinating on carpet.

Just like humans, dogs and cats are susceptible to issues that affect the urinary tract. These problems can range from mild discomfort to serious medical issues. The urinary tract, which consists of the kidneys, the bladder, the urethra, and the uterus in females, can easily come into contact with bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Although dogs are much more likely to suffer urinary problems, cats can have them, too. The team at Wheaton Animal Hospital wants to help you learn to spot urinary problems so you can get your pets the help they need before these problems have a bigger effect on their health: