indoor activities for dogsThe rainy days of autumn precede the cold, frosty mornings of Old Man Winter. Knowing that inclement weather is just around the corner, it can be difficult to find ways to entertain your pet inside. Those skipped walks to the park or strolls around the neighborhood can take its toll on your dog, who needs exercise and stimulation each day.

When weather is at its worst, what can you do to keep your pet from bouncing off the walls? The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital have some great tips for indoor activities for dogs and for chasing away those rainy day blues.

Indoor Adventures

Just because it’s crummy outside doesn’t mean you and your paw pal should be resigned to the couch. There are many fun ways to incorporate some of the usual outdoor adventure with a bit of indoor accommodations.

Check out some of these indoor activities:

Trick training – Has your pet mastered basic obedience training? Are they way beyond the “roll over” and “sit” commands? Your dog may be looking for a new challenge with you at the helm. Teach your dog some new, more advanced tricks like “hug” or “play dead.” They’ll love the attention, and it’s an awesome way for the two of you to bond!

Scavenger hunt – This old stand-by is a cinch. Grab some cherished toys and items, as well as some treats, and hide these in hard-to-find spots around the home. Bored kids will love this game, too. Win-win!

Stair climbs – A simple way to get more of a workout for you and your dog is to climb stairs. If you have a stairway, grab your pet’s leash, turn on some upbeat tunes, and walk up and down to burn off some energy. (This is also good time to polish up those leash training skills.)

Fun with friends – Rainy or inclement days don’t need to preclude socialization. Making a doggie play date with some other pooch-loving friends can be a good way to get daily exercise and social time. If the day is a hit, ask other pet parents to host their own doggie play days.

Grooming – Pampering your pet may not burn off many calories (at least not for them), but skin and coat health is important during the colder months. Ask the professional groomers at Wheaton about recommended products, or better yet, treat your pet to a grooming session with us.

Fetch – This time tested favorite can take an indoor twist by purchasing some soft throw toys, like a Nerf ball or stuffed animal.

Think Outside the (Toy) Box

Have you taken a look at the state of your pet’s toys? When’s the last time you shopped for something new and interesting for your four-legged friend? Here are a few new toys for mental and physical enrichment:

Keeping Busy With Indoor Activities for Dogs

We hope these games and toys are so amazing they make up for the outdoor gloom. If you’d like more ideas for indoor pet activities (including activities for indoor cats), please call us. It’s possible to have a great time inside with a little creativity and a whole lot of attention to your best pal (including all the snuggles!).