Fostering a pet can help pets get adopted.When it comes to making a difference in the world, there are many opportunities. Fostering a pet may be the perfect one for you! Let The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital, review some things to consider before making a commitment to this worthy endeavor.

Close the Gap

Animal shelters commonly use the following reasons to promote the fostering of dogs, cats, and other animals:


  • Too young – Baby animals brought to the shelter without their mothers must be provided for carefully. Orphaned kittens or puppies are typically kept together until they’re ready for adoption.
  • Sick or recovering – An illness or injury can preclude a quick, easy adoption. When pets have a quiet, comforting place to recover, they heal better, making an eventual adoption more likely.
  • Special needs – Whether an animal struggles with socialization or simply requires a break from stressful shelter life, fostering a pet can make all the difference. In other words, fostering helps them become more desirable pets.
  • More room – Fostering makes more room available for other homeless pets.


Whether it’s an emergency rescue, recovery, or rehabilitation, individualized care inside a home can be extremely beneficial for animals in need. Through fostering, pets become acquainted with the idea of human kindness.

The Fine Print of Fostering a Pet

Before fostering a pet, seriously consider the following:

  • The time, patience, energy, love, and understanding required in this relationship is critical. It’s important to be honest with yourself regarding your availability and willingness to take on something like this.
  • Most animals only require a few days of foster care, but some end up needing weeks or even months. It’s up to you when you want to begin fostering a pet.
  • Consider the type of animal that would best fit your home/family/lifestyle.
  • Responsibilities include feeding, cleaning up, socializing, administering medications, and offering loads of affection. Crate training is also an excellent idea.
  • The shelter usually provides things like blankets, food, leashes, bowls, litter, etc., but you can also purchase your own.

Hard to Say Goodbye

While fostering a pet is incredibly rewarding, many folks worry about having to say goodbye to an animal with whom they’ve now formed a lifelong bond. While this can certainly be hard, you can find comfort knowing you played a critical role in helping them find a loving forever home.  

Get Involved

The Pet Experts are excited to report that our foster program is a smashing success! We’re proud to assist local rescue partners in this effort. Just last year, we provided care and housing for over 100 pets! We also hold fundraisers frequently to support our foster partners. Be sure to like our Facebook where we announce our events and post our available foster and adoptable pets. As the number of shelter pets continues to grow, it’s up to volunteers to make a difference. If you’re interested in joining the program, please give us a call.