A well groomed, happy and healthy dog.

People generally enjoy a trip to the barber or salon because it feels good to be pampered and get all spiffed up. Our mood changes, our self-esteem is magically boosted, and for some, it can even seem as if our overall wellbeing is enhanced by the time we spend in the salon chair.

Much of the same can be said for our pets, too. There is no denying the springy step our pups develop as they leave one of our grooming appointments all clean, clipped and looking great.

Wheaton Animal Hospital is your pet’s grooming and style destination–but our grooming team handles more than breed-specific haircuts. We are well-equipped to handle the full spectrum of pet grooming including (but certainly not limited to) nail trims, early detection of developing medical conditions, and special attention to skin or coat problems.

In addition to regular visits with our skilled and enthusiastic grooming team, we stress the importance of routine grooming at home. You can take the opportunity to bond with your pet while brushing, combing, clipping, and inspecting. The physical attention, coupled with some snuggles or a treat, will add deeper layers to your friendship and your pet’s overall health will flourish as a result.

Best Pet Grooming Practices

You may be wondering how to follow through with a proper grooming regimen for your pet. We suggest the following guidelines to promote the best grooming practices:

  • Scheduling: A good rule of thumb is to schedule your dog’s professional grooming appointment every 6-8 weeks. This window may narrow during the winter months if he or she tumbles through a lot of snow, ice, or mud. Nail trimming is an important aspect of physical maintenance too, and should be done once every 4 weeks, or as directed by your groomer.
  • Bathing: Your pet may need a bath at home between visits to us but do not bathe a dog with matted fur. This will cause the mats to tighten. Also, giving your pet too many baths may cause his or her skin to dry out, so ask us if you have any questions about products or recommendations.
  • Fur: Brush your pet’s fur every day to keep him or her looking and feeling like the best dog ever. Remember, always use a comb after brushing to inhibit matting.
  • Eyes: Check your pet’s eyes every day for any fluid build-up or clogs. White dogs have a special need for daily eye cleaning.
  • Teeth: The scope of at-home grooming should include the mouth too, and brushing your pet’s teeth is critical to his or her overall health. Introducing pets to this routine at an early age will help enormously, but we can help you get started with a mature pet.

Going the Extra Mile

We are committed to our clients and all of their pet’s health needs, inside and out. In order for us to perform and complete the best job, we deeply appreciate your honesty when it comes to grooming practices at home. Please let us know if your pet has any problems or issues related to the grooming experience and we will try to accommodate all special needs.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet had the chance to let Wheaton Animal Hospital groomers wow you and your pet, we happily invite you to try out our grooming services. Yourr pet will benefit from a pampering experience that will increase their health and happiness.