Autumn westieWith our dazzling fall foliage, breezy, low-humidity days and bonfire-perfect nights, autumn is arguably the most beautiful and enjoyable season in northern Illinois. Now that the bugs have (mostly) faded away and the temperatures are tolerable again, pets and people alike are starting to experience a renewed interest in the outdoors.

The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital want you and your four-legged pal to enjoy this picture perfect time of year as much as possible before the long Upper- Midwestern winter sets in. We have compiled a list of our favorite fall activities for you and your pet to enjoy together:

Fall In The City

Chicago is recognized as one of America’s pet-friendliest major cities, and what better time to enjoy it then during this not-too-hot, not-too-cold time of year? If you’re up for the short drive into the city with your pet, you can take advantage of a variety of outdoor activities there together:

  • Take a stroll with your dog through beautiful Grant Park (on leash of course). Millennium Park does not allow dogs into the interior, but there’s no reason why your pooch can’t pose for pictures along the lovely perimeter.
  • If you’re in the mood for something a little more vigorous, but no less beautiful, hop on the Chicago Lakefront Trail for a lakeside walk through the city. Depending on which section you choose, you and your pet will get a glimpse (and a sniff) of beaches, parks, tourist attractions, or a variety of eclectic Chicago neighborhoods.
  • Stop in for a bite to eat and enjoy the fall sunshine with your pet at any number of Windy City restaurants that offer dog-friendly patio seating.
  • Local Fall Activities

    There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the amazing fall weather right here in the western suburbs. Start your day with a hike on the Illinois Prairie Path or Great Western Trail, followed by lunch on the terrace at one of the many pet-friendly restaurants in the area. If you haven’t visited the Spring Avenue Dog Park in Glen Ellyn yet, now may be the perfect time for you and your pup to check it out.

    On The Road

    Don’t let the opportunity to view out of town fall foliage pass you by this year! Grab your car-loving pet and hit the road for a fall color drive. Western and southern Illinois boast a number of scenic drives within a few hours of home.


    Fall in the Midwest is a wonderful time to go camping with your pet. Whether you stay in a cabin or camper or rough it tent-style, there are plenty of pet-friendly camping opportunities in our area. As always, practice common sense when camping with a pet; make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and parasite preventatives and that he or she is always wearing a collar and ID tags. If you haven’t already had your pet microchipped, be sure to do so before you embark on an out-of-town adventure.

    Whether you enjoy fall from a tent, car, trail, or the comfort of your own backyard, you’re sure to bond with your pet and make wonderful memories together. Oh, and don’t forget to snap a few photos of your pet soaking up that fall sunshine…you might need them to cheer you up this winter!