Wet cream havanese dog after bath

Summer is here at last and it’s finally time for some summertime fun. For some that means hitting the park for a quick game of fetch, while for others it’s a night on the prowl.But no matter what you like, the hot days and moonlit nights of summer are irresistible to all of us and it’s only natural that we want to look and feel our best.

The same is true for our pets. But for them, not only is proper grooming a matter of pride, it’s also a matter of health and hygiene and should not be ignored.

Summertime Sass

As a pet owner, it’s likely you know that when you pick up your pet from the groomers there is an undeniable bounce in the step of your freshly pampered pup. And why wouldn’t there be? Just like us, dogs love the feeling of being pampered and preened and often it seems as if the animal you pick up isn’t the same one you dropped off.

This is especially true in the summer, and even more so if it’s been awhile since your pet’s last grooming. Not only does it feel good to be clean, but it also feels good to shed the weight of the hot, heavy hair and release the heat it traps against the skin. Add to that the tender loving care of proper pampering, the comfort of freshly trimmed nails, and a stylish bow or jaunty bandanna and there’s no denying that you’d have a spring in your step too.

Healthy and Happy

But regular grooming is not just about looking good. For many dogs, especially breeds that require the regular upkeep of a groomer, such as Schnauzers, Poodles, Shih Tzus and the like, grooming is an aspect of wellness that cannot be ignored.

For dogs such as these, as well as any dog who has not been regularly bathed and brushed, allowing the fur to become long, snarled, and matted not only leads to discomfort, but to dermatological issues as well. By not allowing the skin to breathe, the natural oils the skin produces are unable to dissipate and can lead to both irritation and infection.

Likewise, the matted mess of hair your pet is dealing with also has the potential to play host to a variety of external parasites and pests, and can provide the ideal place for fleas and ticks to hide out and remain undetected by prying human eyes. For this reason, and particularly during this season, maintaining a regular grooming schedule is essential for keeping your pet health and pest free.

Thankfully, the grooming services at Wheaton Animal Hospital are available to help your pup look and feel his or her best. Not only will your pup enjoy the attention he or she receives from our loving staff, but he or she will also feel better after a luxurious bath, a nail trim, and a stylish breed cut.

So, if your pup is overdue for his or her spa day, call to make an appointment at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for your pet, or work to accommodate your pet’s grooming needs during his or her wellness exam or stay in our boarding facilities.