Toxic Flowers Can Turn Your Pet’s Day Upside Down

People that care about animals typically have a fondness for all life. These nurturing sensibilities naturally extend to caring for and enjoying plant life. In the past, The Pet Experts blogged about yard and garden safety and dangerous holiday plants to avoid. However, it’s essential this time of year to share information about other toxic flowers that pets can easily come across in their day to day routines.

Super Cautious

It’s happened to every pet owner at least once. The impromptu lapse of judgement that inadvertently places a pet at risk. It could be that Easter lily given to you by someone special, or a Mother’s Day bouquet that included toxic flowers you never even heard of. Whatever the case may be, the rule of thumb is to make sure that whatever you bring home cannot threaten your pet’s health and wellness.

There are few pet owners that expect their pets to simply ignore a sweet-smelling bouquet or arrangement brought into the house. The fact is, pets are curious and (more often than not) interested in sampling unfamiliar flowers.


How do Essential Oils Fit Into Pet Safety?

Pet SafetyA trip to the spa typically involves a scent of some kind that decreases stress, such as almond, eucalyptus, clove, peppermint, pine, tea tree, and ylang-ylang. Often mixed with vitamin E oil and massaged into the skin, these scents trigger certain responses through our olfactory receptors, brain, and nervous system. While these products, known as essential oils, are gaining in popularity, they can also threaten pet safety and health.


Keeping Pets Safe: The Spring Season Edition

Superhero dog running up hillPet safety is a theme that is on most pet owners’ minds year-round, but Spring presents additional challenges when it comes to keeping pets safe. From lawn care and garden bed prep, to general spring cleaning, chemicals, poisons, and other hazards seem to be in high use this time of year. Keeping pets safe becomes more of a challenge when combining these noxious chemicals with poisonous plants, active wildlife, and increased outdoor activity.

So, before spring has officially sprung, take a moment to investigate the hidden dangers that may be in the garage, around the home, or in the yard. A bit of precaution can keep springtime a fun time for you and your pets. Continue…