Why Do My Pet’s Paws Smell Like Fritos? 

dog paw close up

Have you noticed a distinctive odor emanating from your pet’s cute little paws? Perhaps something reminiscent of corn chips or popcorn? No, you aren’t going crazy – your pet’s paws really do smell like they’re edible!

If you’ve ever wondered why your pet’s paws smell like Fritos, you’re not alone. The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital are asked this question routinely, so we thought we’d shed a little light on the topic!

Why Your Pet’s Paws Smell Like Fritos

Just like us, our pet’s bodies are covered with a healthy and (usually) balanced array of bacteria and yeasts. These microscopic organisms are responsible for the various odors the body produces – the bacteria Pseudomonas and Proteus are most likely behind why your pet’s paws smell like Fritos.


Can You Hear Me? The Importance of Cleaning Your Pet’s Ears

Did you know that your pet’s ability to hear is three times that of our own? This may come as no surprise, given how those adorable ears perk up every time there is the slightest noise; but those amazing ears are also fragile. They are susceptible to a number of problems, including parasites and infection. 

Learn more about cleaning your pet’s ears and why you should practice weekly ear inspections for good health and well-being.


The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Pet’s Paws This Summer

Seasoned pet owners are familiar with the dangers of heatstroke, especially when it comes to leaving their best friend in the car. Less common, however, is an awareness of the ground temperature during the hottest months. Even when air temperatures hover between 75-85 degrees, asphalt and concrete temperatures can soar to 125-140 degrees! While that doesn’t impact our shoe-laden feet, damage to animal paw pads is imminent. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prevent injury and protect your pet’s paws this summer.


Pet Hair, Don’t Care: Tips and Tricks for Managing Shedding

pet hairFall has arrived in Chicagoland, and that means it’s time to clean up the yard, garage, and home in preparation for the long winter ahead. For pet owners, the change in seasons is often a time of increased shedding. Unfortunately, with fewer opportunities to be outdoors or have the windows open, it’s easy to feel as though you’re drowning in pet hair.

Whether it’s seasonal or year round, all pets shed and all pet owners must figure out how to deal with pet hair in their homes, cars, and on furniture and clothes. That’s why The Pet Experts have compiled some of our favorite pet hair removal tips to help keep your home in tiptop shape.


What Your Groomer Wants You To Know About Pet Grooming

iStock_000017881622_MediumPeople generally enjoy a trip to the barber or salon because it feels good to be pampered and get all spiffied up. Our mood changes, our self-esteem is magically boosted, and for some it can even seem as if our overall wellbeing is enhanced by the time we spend in the salon chair.

Much of the same can be said for our pets, too. There is no denying the springy step our pups develop as they leave one of our grooming appointments all clean, clipped, and looking great.

Wheaton Animal Hospital is your pet’s grooming and style destination – but our grooming team handles more than breed specific haircuts. We are well-equipped to handle the full spectrum of pet grooming including (but certainly not limited to) nail trims, early detection of developing medical conditions, and special attention to skin or coat problems.

In addition to regular visits with our skilled and enthusiastic grooming team, we stress the importance of routine grooming at home. You can take the opportunity to bond with your pet while brushing, combing, clipping, and inspecting. The physical attention, coupled with some snuggles or a treat, will add deeper layers to your friendship and your pet’s overall health will flourish as a result. Continue…

Pet Grooming at Wheaton Animal Hospital

IMG_1524Keeping your pet clean and well-groomed is an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellness. If not done regularly, your pet could suffer from matted fur, hotspots, ear and eye infections, ingrown toenails and even infection. Don’t worry, though, Wheaton Animal Hospital is available to help you with your pet grooming needs, be it at home or at our Bubbly Spa Grooming facility.

Pet Grooming at Home

A good at-home grooming routine includes brushing your pet’s coat and teeth, occasional bathing (too much and your pet’s skin will dry out), cleaning ears and eyes, and trimming his or her nails.   Continue…

The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

GroomingYou might think that brushing and bathing your cat or dog at home is enough, but there are several health benefits that come with a trip to your local professional pet groomer.

Not only does grooming make your pet look and feel great, but it also helps keeps your four-legged friend healthy and comfortable in the long-term.

Expert Eyes

One of the biggest benefits of professional pet grooming is that, as pet owners, we often miss subtle changes that occur in our pets over time. For example, it’s easy to miss subtle changes in your pet’s weight or hard-to-see skin problems when you see your pet every day. Continue…

Poodle with a Mohawk: Dog Grooming with Style and Service


Grooming Blue FurWith Spring on its way,  shedding season is upon us. That means the time has come to schedule your pooch for his or her Spring-cleaning. Even if you have your pet on a regular grooming schedule, the time is perfect to freshen up your pet’s look with a new do or a fun flourish of color or scent.

Just like us, pets love to be pampered. A day at the spa can be just as rejuvenating for your pooch as it is for you. Add in a fresh new look and a jaunty little bow or bandana and you’ll notice a spring in your pup’s step that lets you know he or she is feeling frisky.

We Know What You Need

In December, we discussed how to know whom to trust when it comes to selecting a grooming service for your pet.  Among our top considerations were whether the groomer offers personalized services and has a working knowledge of your pet’s grooming needs.

Husky Before and AfterAt Wheaton Animal Hospital, our groomers are on the ball when it comes to providing you and your pet with the services and styles your pet requires. Not only do we offer a range of shampoos specific to your pet’s dermatology, but our groomers can also offer your pet advanced grooming services when they are needed.

Of equal importance, our grooming staff knows the difference between a Schnauzer cut and a Continental Poodle cut. And more importantly, we know who gets which cut.

Our groomers are professionally trained and board-certified, meaning we are able to offer a full range of breed-specific grooming that is appropriate to your pet. If needed, we can also groom your pet to AKC specifications for dog shows and other events.

Has Anybody Seen a Dog Dyed Dark Green?

While your pooch may not be the B-52’s Quiche Lorraine, he or she can still have a groomer mix things up a bit. Not every pet owner is looking for a standard cut for his or her furry friend. Indeed, many pet owners are breaking with convention and trying something new with their pet’s style.

The groomers at Wheaton Animal Hospital are more than happy to accommodate any special requests you may have for your pet’s style. Looking to add a splash of color to your dog’s mane? We can do that. Or perhaps you really do want a poodle with a Mohawk—we can to that too.

Whatever your request, we are more than happy to accommodate your whims. Even if the flare is as simple as a spritz of scent or a brightly colored bandana or a bow, a little something extra can go a long way in making over your pet’s look, regardless of the time of year.

The Royal Treatment

Lion Cut Before and AfterWhatever your pet’s signature style, the grooming experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital are prepared to give your pet the personalized service and attention he or she deserves. Grooming should be a time for your pet to feel pampered and spoiled and we go the extra mile to provide that experience.

So whether you are looking to keep your pet’s look clean and fresh, or want to mix things up a bit with an edgy cut or unconventional color, you can rest assured that your pup will get the attention he or she deserves and the look of a lifetime with the grooming services at Wheaton Animal Hospital.