My Pet Just Ate What? Holiday Foreign Body Dangers

The holidays are filled with baubles, bells, bows, and other bling. And each of these items can be just as tempting as the next when it comes to our pets. Decorations, food, gifts, the endless array of good smelling gifts, along with the feast, can prove tempting to even the most well behaved dog or cat. 

Pet emergencies during the holidays are all too common, and most pet owners understand why. Because of the busyness of the season, most people are juggling obligations and pay less attention to what Fido or Fluffy are up to. Couple that with all of the sights, smells, and wonders, and you’re suddenly thinking to yourself, “my pet just ate what!” 

Thankfully, the Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital are here to shed light on these risks so you can better protect your pet.


It’s that Time of Year: New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

January is here, and with it a brand new year. As we move into February, there is the urge to finally get around to those New Year’s resolutions you’ve been putting off. But, isn’t it true that it’s always easier to meet your goals when you have a friend working on them alongside you?

This year, how about making New Year’s resolutions for pets? Since overweight and obese pets are so common, we thought some resolutions focused on maintaining a good weight might resonate. You may find their resolutions are not so different from your own and might be easier to keep than you think.

The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital have some tips for maintaining a healthy weight for your pet.


Giving Back: Ideas for Helping Shelter Pets During the Holidays

helping shelter petsWith the holiday shopping season underway, now is the time to start thinking about how to make the holidays brighter for those in need. For animal lovers, helping shelter pets is an obvious choice, but because the situation can seem dire and overwhelming, many of us are left wondering where to begin or if our help could even make a difference.

As it turns out, it doesn’t take much to make a big impact on the lives of shelter pets. Let The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital guide you in finding the perfect way to help needy pets this holiday season and all year long!


It’s Never Too Late to Start: Pet Costumes to Write Home About

pet costumesThere’s a significant amount of cause and effect in the world shared by our pets, and either positive or negative behaviors are the result of certain stimuli. In the case of pet costumes, it’s never a given how an individual pet will react, but excessive panting, hiding, and growling aren’t entirely uncommon. In fact, pet costumes can repel the pet you so dearly want to dress up, but The Pet Experts have a few tips to keep your Halloween game strong and safe.

Good Show

Many pet owners might purchase or create a costume with the understanding that their four-legged buddy will detest it. In spite of your best efforts, enthusiasm, and encouragement, your pet reserves the right to hate every possible option under the sun. That’s okay. Don’t force the issue. Instead, spend a quiet night at home watching scary movies together.


Fourth of July Pet Safety Survival Guide

fourth of julyWith the Fourth of July right around the corner, now is the time to start preparing for your pet’s safety and comfort during this most American of holidays. The loud noises, crowds, and parties can pose a serious risk to our four-legged friends if we aren’t careful. Follow our Fourth of July pet safety tips to help your best pal enjoy the holiday as much as you do.


Narrowing Down the List: Top Gifts for Pet Owners

grey kitten playing with an little santa clausWe live in the land of good and plenty, making the list of potential gifts for pet owners remarkably long. From whimsical to practical, to the high-tech to the home-spun, The Pet Experts have gone through cart loads of suitable presents to create the following list of ideas. You’ll not only enjoy shopping for the animal lover in your life, you’ll definitely love seeing the sheer joy and satisfaction your gift will bring!

Bits and Bobs for the House

Shopping for someone who loves pets and enjoys a hot beverage? Check out this adorable Dog Coffee Sleeve. For other household gifts for pet owners, check out:

Our Favorite DIY Pet Gift Ideas

On the table is a knitting and a cupWhether you’re a bit of a Grinch around the holidays or you’re eagerly stringing up lights in November, one thing is for sure – when it comes to gift ideas, the earlier, the better.

This includes gifts for our pets. For the artsy pet lover, DIY gifts are both heartfelt and fun to make. To help you get a jumpstart on the season, The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital have compiled some of our favorite homemade pet gift ideas.


Paw In Hand: Moving Forward With New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pet

Cat as a presentLists, lists, lists! The holiday shopping list gives way to the cooking or baking list, and on and on it goes. Looking ahead to the new year can only truly be done if there is a moment of understanding about the year we’re leaving behind. There will always be things that we wish to change from one year to the next, and making thoughtful New Year’s resolutions can invigorate your routine or mindset as you turn your calendar’s page.

But what about making New Year’s resolutions for you pet? Whether it’s to improve – or lengthen – his or her quality of life, or infuse a bit more zeal to the everyday, we’ve got five ideas to help you positively forge ahead. Continue…

Choosing The Right Halloween Costume For Your Pet

iStock_000026724417_Large.jpgIs dressing up your dog or cat (or hamster, or turtle, or parakeet, as the case may be) something you and your family love about Halloween? While cute and festive, some Halloween pet costumes may actually be quite uncomfortable or even dangerous for our pets.

The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital want you and your pets to enjoy this spooky season, and the costumes that go with it, safely. So before you slip fluffy into that princess dress, or wrangle Fido into his homemade hot dog outfit, check out our list of tips and tricks designed to help you safely navigate the world of pet Halloween costumes. Continue…

Fun Fall Activities For You And Your Pet

Autumn westieWith our dazzling fall foliage, breezy, low-humidity days and bonfire-perfect nights, autumn is arguably the most beautiful and enjoyable season in northern Illinois. Now that the bugs have (mostly) faded away and the temperatures are tolerable again, pets and people alike are starting to experience a renewed interest in the outdoors.

The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital want you and your four-legged pal to enjoy this picture perfect time of year as much as possible before the long Upper- Midwestern winter sets in. We have compiled a list of our favorite fall activities for you and your pet to enjoy together: Continue…