dog welcome homeWhether you are a seasoned pet parent, or found yourself surprised by a new bundle of fur and teeth over the holidays, pet proofing your home is a priority.

It takes a great deal of vigilance to own a pet and we are here to support you while analyzing your environment for ultimate safety. From adding a screen to your fireplace or simply stowing away the bleach you use on the bathroom floor, the following list aims to help you and your pet achieve safety success at home.

Pet Proofing Your Home Room by Room

  • Kitchen – Your pet will enjoy sniffing out all the yummy food smells around the table, inside your cabinetry, and around the pantry, but beware! Discourage your pet’s interest in dangerous foods by installing locks on cabinets. This reduces the risk of ingesting something that will make your four-legged friend ill. Be sure to stow away sharp knives, food wrappers, plastic bags, twist ties, and other potentially dangerous or entangling objects, too.
  • Bathroom – Cleaning supplies like bleach, toilet cleaner, and glass cleaner should remain out of sight and and reach. You’ll also want to keep floss, medications, or vitamins out of your pet’s purview, too. The toilet bowl, although so inviting to a thirsty pet, should always have the lid closed, as it is not a clean water source for your pet (Eew!).
  • Laundry Room – Pets enjoy the laundry room’s warmth and soothing scents, but danger can lurk here, as well. Keep appliance doors shut at all times to inhibit new napping spots and possible entrapment. Bleach, detergent, and fabric softeners should be kept in closed cabinets. Lastly, socks or towels look delicious to dogs and can cause serious intestinal problems if munched on and swallowed.
  • Living Space – Game or puzzle pieces can fall to the floor and remain hidden until your pet sniffs them out and chomps them down, possibly resulting in an emergency. If you use firesticks to light a fire in your hearth, keep them up high as dogs seem to like their sweet taste. A screen in front of the flames can keep ash or flying embers off your pet’s coat. If your home boasts a balcony, large unscreened windows or doors above ground level, take measures to keep your pet from exploring there unless you are very comfortable that your pet won’t fall or jump.
  • Bedrooms – Generally safe and inviting for your pet to snuggle with you or nearby, although bedrooms may also contain toxic moth balls, loose jewelry, or hair ties. Keep your eyes open and your space clean.
  • Office – Cords, chargers, staples, paper clips, and batteries should all be kept enclosed and off-limits. You may want to consider keeping the door closed or using a baby gate to keep your pet away from office supplies and technology (No kitty, the computer is not your bed!).
  • Outdoors – Your pet deserves to have a safe, enjoyable area outside in which to play and explore. Supervise your pet’s activities to make sure he or she doesn’t get into anything dangerous. Inspect fencing and potentially dangerous plants growing in and around the yard. As inside the home, chemicals like pesticides should be locked up. Pools, spas, and other water features can potentially pose a drowning hazard so understand your pet’s ability to swim, comfort in the water, and whether your pool is easy to exit. Otherwise, securing the pool is highly recommended.
  • Garage or Basement – Tools, sharp implements, and chemicals are some of the possible dangers lurking there for your pet. Consider whether your garage or basement is pet safe. If not, it may be better to keep them out.
  • Be Prepared for Pet Emergencies!

    Prevent pet emergencies when you can, but also bone up on your pet emergency skills. You may never need to administer first aid to your pet, but it’s certainly worthwhile to know the basics just in case. Minutes definitely count in a pet emergency and we are here to help anytime you need us. We have a veterinarian on call for after hours emergencies and questions about whether something is a pet emergency. If needed, our on-call veterinarian will meet you at the hospital. Our after-hours emergency hotline is: (630)337-3070.

    Let the pet proofing begin!