GroomingYou might think that brushing and bathing your cat or dog at home is enough, but there are several health benefits that come with a trip to your local professional pet groomer.

Not only does grooming make your pet look and feel great, but it also helps keeps your four-legged friend healthy and comfortable in the long-term.

Expert Eyes

One of the biggest benefits of professional pet grooming is that, as pet owners, we often miss subtle changes that occur in our pets over time. For example, it’s easy to miss subtle changes in your pet’s weight or hard-to-see skin problems when you see your pet every day.

Your groomer has fresh and experienced eyes which are often needed to catch concerns that you might miss, including parasites, dental health issues, and ear problems.

Safe Grooming

It is very easy to accidentally injure a squirming, scared or aggressive pet when trying to clip their fur or trim their nails. Your groomer is trained professional with the right tools and experience to help calm even the most difficult to groom dogs.

With gentle handling techniques, your groomer can help your dog get over fear or excitement that comes along with bath time and trims.

Sanitary Cut

Even dog and cat breeds that don’t require a specific style can benefit from a sanitary trim if they have medium or long hair.

A sanitary cut removes excess hair from around the tail and hind quarters. By trimming away long hair, potty accidents are less likely to cause feces and urine to collect in the fur. Not only will this help your pet feel and smell better, but it also helps prevent bacterial infections that can occur when that region isn’t clean.

Ear Health

Some breeds of dogs and cats have hair rooted deep in the ear canal. The hair can cause wax to build up, and ultimately lead to ear infections. Your groomer may opt to gently pluck these hairs from the ear canal. Doing so is generally pain free, and can often resolve any odor issues coming from the ear.


Your groomer will be able to teach you about your pets coat and skin, and can recommend products that can help keep your pet in the best possible condition between grooming visits. He or she will also let you know of any issues that may be related to your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, ears, and teeth so that you can follow up with your veterinarian.

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