Understanding Pyometra in Cats and Dogs

A cat lies on the couch as a woman pets her.

You may have never heard of the word pyometra, but it is a medical condition that warrants understanding. It is especially essential to recognize its signs if you are the owner of an intact rather than spayed female cat or dog. Pyometra is a uterine infection that occurs in older unspayed females. The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital want our pet owners to be able to spot this secondary infection in their beloved pets, so that they can get treated right away.


Betta Fish 101

A Betta fish swims in a tank.

Most people think of fish as low-maintenance pets that are a great addition to a house that already has dogs, cats, or other pets. While there are certain breeds of fish that can survive happily with some food occasionally sprinkled into a bowl, the betta fish is not one. 

This species requires specific care to ensure a healthy and happy life. Wheaton Animal Hospital wants to be sure you know what it takes to successfully add betta fish to your pet family.