Pick Your Foliage? The Bush or Tree Dweller Theory in Cats

Cats are cute. Cats are quirky. Cats are, if we are being honest, a bit of a conundrum. When it comes to understanding what cats do and why, things are sometimes a bit up in the air. There is sometimes a little method to the madness, though.

The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital knows that understanding cat behavior comes down to instinctual remnants in many cases. Understanding things like the bush or tree dweller theory in cats can help owners comprehend their feline friends a little better.


A Timeless Companion: A Brief History of Cats

Wheaton cat on concrete licking paw

Cats, like dogs, have evolved alongside us for thousands of years. There are many changes that must take place during the process of domestication, allowing wildcats to become the purr pals we now know. Many feline fanciers wonder how long the domestic cat has shared our homes. You may also wonder about the roles cats played throughout history.

The cat veterinarians at Wheaton Animal Hospital are more than purrfectly happy to answer questions about the history of cats. Let’s take a closer look!