The (Tiny) Leader of the Pack: Small Dog Syndrome

Does your small dog like to throw their minuscule weight around? Or behave like a landshark around pets and people? Small dogs can have big personalities which endear us to them, but sometimes this bravado can turn into big problems.

Small Dog Syndrome, as it is generally called, is a collection of the negative behaviors associated with tiny and small dog breeds.

The question is, are small dogs all like this? Is it genetic, or simply learned behavior? And what can a pet owner do about it? The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital are here to explain negative behaviors in small dogs. 


Should You Do Anything About Your Dog’s Dew Claws?

If your dog could, they’d definitely give you a “thumbs up” when you ask if they want something you know they want, like a treat or a walk to the park. They would if they had thumbs, that is. 

But wait, they do! Dew claws are sort of the last gasps of the canine evolutionary process, and while they’re largely perceived as vestigial, dew claws may be occasionally employed. 

Know What to Look For

It’s not totally accurate to compare dewclaws to thumbs, but they’re not far off. While a dog’s dew claws may not offer the same function and flexibility as opposable human thumbs, they can be helpful.