The Ants Go Marching One By One: Prioritizing Pet Safe Pest Control

Bugs can be really cool to marvel at, but not when it comes to sharing our homes with them. Insects belong outside, and by outside we mean beyond our property lines. This may be a lofty goal, and an impossible one to boot, but taking time to ensure your pet isn’t exposed to parasites and disease-spreading insects is a big deal. 

How can pet owners be sure that certain products aren’t harmful to their best friends? With our tips for pet safe pest control, of course!

Sad, but True

As the guardian of an innocent pet’s health and safety, it can be problematic and confusing to approach effective pest control. Often, commercially available products can be more dangerous than the bugs themselves, making the entire prospect of mitigating insects a bit shaky. 


Our Go-To Guide to Pet Sun Protection

Much has been said about paw care on hot pavement and keeping a close eye on hydration during the summer months – for good reason. Painful blisters on the feet and possible heat stroke are dreadful outcomes from overexposure to heat. However, pet sun protection shouldn’t stop there. From pet-safe sunscreen to adjusting exercise times, the Pet Experts have you and your best friend covered.

Not So Much Fun in the Sun

Most pets are covered in fur, but that doesn’t mean that their skin isn’t at risk.