Phew! My Older Dog Stinks… Why?

If your older dog has a certain, shall we say, distinct odor, then you are not alone. A common complaint we hear from pet owners is that their senior dog smells funky. No matter how many times they are shampooed, they remain stinky. 

If your older dog stinks, we are here to help! The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital can explain the causes of the disgusting scent and what you can do to make things better for all.

6 Reasons Why an Older Dog Stinks

Unless your pet has been out in nature, rolling on all the gross things they can, there is no reason for a putrid or rank odor coming from them. Most dogs do smell…just a little doggie, of course. There shouldn’t be a smell that is disconcerting unless there is a problem at hand.


Normal, Or Not? The Truth About Cat Hairballs

Unquestionably, cats are excellent pets. Their playful and sometimes quirky antics notwithstanding, living with – or amongcats can be strange for some people. Indeed, certain feline behaviors can be odd; but perhaps the most disturbing is their ability to cough up hairballs. 

It’s not their fault, but when occasional regurgitation becomes more frequent it could be a sign that something else is going on.

A Look at Feline Anatomy

Cats evolved as both predator and prey. To stay as safe as possible, they became over-particular regarding their pursuit of self-grooming. In other words, they lick and smooth their coat whenever they aren’t hunting, eating, or sleeping.