It’s Never Too Late to Start: Pet Costumes to Write Home About

pet costumesThere’s a significant amount of cause and effect in the world shared by our pets, and either positive or negative behaviors are the result of certain stimuli. In the case of pet costumes, it’s never a given how an individual pet will react, but excessive panting, hiding, and growling aren’t entirely uncommon. In fact, pet costumes can repel the pet you so dearly want to dress up, but The Pet Experts have a few tips to keep your Halloween game strong and safe.

Good Show

Many pet owners might purchase or create a costume with the understanding that their four-legged buddy will detest it. In spite of your best efforts, enthusiasm, and encouragement, your pet reserves the right to hate every possible option under the sun. That’s okay. Don’t force the issue. Instead, spend a quiet night at home watching scary movies together.


Harmonious Home? How to Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Baby

The best things in life come in small packages, right? Newborn babies are the most delightful little bundles of joy, but this sentiment may not be shared immediately by your pet. Don’t worry. As you transition into your new life with your little one, your pet can also learn about the sights, smells, and sounds associated with babies. It may not always be smooth sailing, but you can definitely help your pet adjust to the new normal with these tips from The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital.