Introducing… The Catio! The Ultimate Chill Spot for Your Feline Friend

catioAs devoted feline fanciers, we may go to great lengths to keep our furry friends happy, active, and purring. We provide excellent nutrition, complete wellness care, and offer plenty of daily affection to these incredible pet companions. In fact, many cat lovers have made the choice to keep their cats indoors – knowing that it is safer and ultimately healthier for them.

But as you might imagine, the life of an indoor cat can become lacking. Just take a look at Fluffy’s obsession with gazing out the window at all of those (tasty) birds. Given their ancestry,  it’s not surprising that cats want to be outdoors. So how can you offer some time in nature while keeping your cat (and the bird population) protected?


The Short Snout: Brachycephalic Breed Safety

breed safetyFlat-nosed breeds are unique and lovable, but the same physical features that endear them to owners are the same ones that endanger their health. Indeed, a shortened muzzle not only contributes to vision difficulties and eye ulcers, but problematic breathing and eating are equally as common – especially during the summer. When the temperatures are high, brachycephalic breed safety must be priority number one.