Fourth of July Pet Safety Survival Guide

fourth of julyWith the Fourth of July right around the corner, now is the time to start preparing for your pet’s safety and comfort during this most American of holidays. The loud noises, crowds, and parties can pose a serious risk to our four-legged friends if we aren’t careful. Follow our Fourth of July pet safety tips to help your best pal enjoy the holiday as much as you do.


Dehydration in Pets: Is Your Furry Friend Getting Enough Water?

If you’ve ever over-exerted yourself on a hot day, you probably know how lousy dehydration can make you feel. It’s also quite easy to become dehydrated when many of us drink more soda and less water each day than we should. That’s why it’s not a stretch to assume that dehydration in pets can pose several problems and make them quite ill, as well.

In fact, our small furry friends are prone to dehydration because they often do not consume enough water, and they’re prone to overheating due to their inefficient means of body temperature regulation. Since the long, hot, and humid days of summer are soon to come, let’s take a look at dehydration in pets and what you can do to make sure your pet is getting enough water.