Do Pets Sweat? How Cats and Dogs Stay Cool

pets sweatMost people have never considered whether or not pets sweat. After all, with all that fur, it’s a bit hard to discern the same signs as when people sweat, and pets don’t get body odor. In reality, however, cats and dogs do sweat – just not in the same manner as humans.

Keep reading to learn more about how pets sweat and how their bodies are designed to stay cool during hot weather.

Do Pets Sweat?

Our bodies come complete with numerous sweat glands along the skin’s surface, which allow us to perspire and release heat from the body. While our furry companions don’t possess the same number of sweat glands, they do have some, which are primarily located in the paw pads. Since their bodies are covered in thick fur, they have different ways to regulate body temperature.


Hairballs: Common Feline Foe or an Owner’s Worst Nemesis?

hariballsHairballs are usually fine – that is, until they become a serious problem. To be sure, a monthly hairball “incident” is considered normal. However, if your furry, fluffy feline happens to retch a little too regularly, it’s time for a closer look. But don’t worry! Of all the subjects The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital specialize in, feline hairballs are at the top of our list.

Rough Tongue

Your cat’s tongue is scratchy like sandpaper because of tiny spikes called papillae. These are instrumental in grooming thick, loose, or dirty fur, but like a human hairbrush, hair piles up on the papillae and is swallowed.