It’s Meow Time: A Strategy for Indoor Cat Care

indoor cat careAfter hundreds of years as strictly agents in pest control, cats are now among our closest animal companions. Historically, many cats were never allowed to come inside a residence (much less rule one like the ones we know!). These days, however, owners are encouraged to keep their cats inside. Exposure to injury or illness just isn’t worth it when you consider the many positive facets of indoor cat care.

Safety and Wellness

Cats have a reputation for being a low-maintenance pet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need (or benefit from) veterinary support. While indoor-only cats may not be at risk of falling from a tree, getting into a fight, or suffering a run-in with a car, they still need protection from the following:


Seasonal Allergies in Pets: Helping Your Furry Friend Cope

Springtime, as wonderful as it is after a long winter, isn’t all fun and games for seasonal allergy sufferers. Runny noses, watery eyes, scratchy throats, and endless sneezing go hand in hand with the changing seasons for many of us.

Pets can also suffer from seasonal allergies, but their symptoms often go overlooked. Learning how to spot seasonal allergies in pets, and understand what you can do to help, can make a world of difference for a suffering pet.