The Very Real Threat of Coyotes to Your Pet

If you’ve seen a coyote recently, you are not alone. These highly adaptable animals are becoming more common in and around developed areas, due in large part to the sheer variety of possible shelters and abundant refuse to eat.

Coyotes have certainly earned their place on the food chain (and continue to be important contributors to the ecological community), but the threat of coyotes to your pet is sizable. In an effort to protect your pet from a dangerous attack or altercation, The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital offer the following tips.

In Check

Coyotes are enormously helpful in keeping the rodent population down, but they’re easily lured away from their territories by the smell of food. Their proximity to our front doors and backyards can alternate between surprising and unsettling, but the bottom line is that safety measures should always be observed and carried out.


Snowed In! How to Keep Your Pet Active During Winter

The first moment that an animal experiences snow is unlike any other. Many pets take to the flurries and drifts with unbridled (and contagious) enthusiasm. Others, however, harbor deep skepticism – or abject horror – when venturing outside their warm, cozy home.

Consider yourself lucky if your pet can’t get enough of the freezing, blustery weather. However, should your pet require ringing endorsements for winter’s finer qualities, The Pet Experts can provide a few. To this end, check out our tips to keep your pet active during winter. Even if you get snowed in, you won’t get cabin fever!

Wise Words

Before we dive into some ideas to keep your pet active during winter, The Pet Experts would like to remind owners of the myriad dangers of winter weather: Continue…