A Walk In the Park: Easy Tips for Superb Dog Walking Etiquette


Owner and labrador retriever dog walking in the cityTaking your best fur friend for a stroll is a popular way to get fresh air and exercise. Dog walking is also an excuse to catch up on the latest neighborhood gossip or to make some new dog-crazy friends.

But, just as you decide to show off your little pom pal or giant mastiff, everything goes south. Your dog decides to bark continuously at all animals, real and imagined. Or, uh-oh, here comes that neighbor who hates it when your dog jumps on his slacks (and your dog just loves to do it). Or, “No, Patches, no!” – your dog inevitably chases the first cat he sees. Continue…

How Bad Pet Breath can Indicate Health Concerns

iStock_000081523419_MediumDoggy and kitty kisses are less appreciated when bad pet breath becomes a factor. Unfortunately, there are still misconceptions about the cause of halitosis in pets and whether or not it’s normal.

While it’s true your pet won’t ever experience minty fresh breath, a foul odor may be an indicator of dental disease or other healthy problems. Continue…

Is my Pet Overweight? Pet Obesity and What You Can Do

Fat Cat“Pleasantly plump” may describe your adorable fur friend, but how do you know if a few extra pounds is actually detrimental to his or her health?

On a pet, extra pounds are sometimes hard to discern. After all, we’re conditioned to see chubby pets as cute, but 2-3 pounds for cats or small dogs can be a large percentage of total body mass.

Unfortunately, overweight and obese pets are far too common, and they’re at risk for many secondary diseases and shortened lives. Continue…