Calling All Pet Owners: Pet Proofing Basics For a Safer Home

dog welcome homeWhether you are a seasoned pet parent, or found yourself surprised by a new bundle of fur and teeth over the holidays, pet proofing your home is a priority.

It takes a great deal of vigilance to own a pet and we are here to support you while analyzing your environment for ultimate safety. From adding a screen to your fireplace or simply stowing away the bleach you use on the bathroom floor, the following list aims to help you and your pet achieve safety success at home. Continue…

Starting Your Pet’s New Year on the Right Paw

iStock_000020653022_LargeOh boy! Did you overdo it this holiday, too? Those luscious cakes and rich gravies, and let’s not forget the bubbly! No wonder our list of resolutions are a mile long!

Thankfully, a new year often heralds a fresh start for making those habits and lifestyle adjustments to our health and also the health of our pets.

As you make those wellness appointments, sign up for the gym, and don those new running shoes, don’t forget to keep your pet’s well-being in mind with these pet health resolutions. Continue…