Toxic Trimmings: Holiday Plants Pet Owners Should Avoid

iStock_000031252582_LargeIt’s common to look on a holiday dining room table or mantle and spot a seasonal plant. Whether we go out and purchase an assortment of those red and green bouquets and arrangements, or receive them as gifts, many pet parents seem to be unaware of the dangers that lurk in those seemingly innocuous plants.

Unfortunately, pet poisoning through the ingestion of plants is common, and more so around the holidays, when plants that aren’t our everyday selection make their way into the home. It’s also good to remember that many of these plants are equally toxic to humans, making little ones more at risk for serious complications. Continue…

Unique Gifts for Pampered Pets

iStock_000030983198_LargeWhen we roll out that endless list of gift ideas, we often have the most fun shopping for our wee ones: little kids and adorable pets. But, how many times are we up against the typical routine of treats and tired toys for the pet who has everything?

For thoughtful pet guardians, finding something to perk up your pets’ activity level or interest can take some consideration. This is even more true for those who try to limit the number of edible gifts for pooches, kitties, and other pets who struggle with a bit of the pre- and post-holiday bulge.

There are, and thankfully so, a number of unique and engaging gifts you can give your pet this holiday season. From your friends at Wheaton Animal Hospital, here are a few intriguing presents that will make any pet bark, meow, or chirp with happiness. Continue…