What Your Groomer Wants You To Know About Pet Grooming

iStock_000017881622_MediumPeople generally enjoy a trip to the barber or salon because it feels good to be pampered and get all spiffied up. Our mood changes, our self-esteem is magically boosted, and for some it can even seem as if our overall wellbeing is enhanced by the time we spend in the salon chair.

Much of the same can be said for our pets, too. There is no denying the springy step our pups develop as they leave one of our grooming appointments all clean, clipped, and looking great.

Wheaton Animal Hospital is your pet’s grooming and style destination – but our grooming team handles more than breed specific haircuts. We are well-equipped to handle the full spectrum of pet grooming including (but certainly not limited to) nail trims, early detection of developing medical conditions, and special attention to skin or coat problems.

In addition to regular visits with our skilled and enthusiastic grooming team, we stress the importance of routine grooming at home. You can take the opportunity to bond with your pet while brushing, combing, clipping, and inspecting. The physical attention, coupled with some snuggles or a treat, will add deeper layers to your friendship and your pet’s overall health will flourish as a result. Continue…

Creating a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving – Travel and Other Safety Tips

iStock_000014964149_MediumAs Thanksgiving approaches, it seems like everything kicks into high gear. From the hustle and bustle of travel plans to selecting the best recipes for a cornucopia of salads and sides, we’re never at a loss for things to do on our endless holiday checklist.

For those of us with pets as a part of our families, the holiday season can present even more challenges as we must make boarding or in-home care arrangements or – if traveling with our pets – pet-friendly travel plans. And, those with less well-mannered pups, often find themselves dreading the large gatherings that put a tail-spin on our canine friends!

But, Thanksgiving need not be a time of pet stress or additional worry for pet owners. There are several pre-holiday steps you can take to keep your pet safe and happy during this heartwarming – and chaotic – time of year. Continue…