Pet Emergencies: How to Know and What to Do

iStock_000021271015_MediumIt is a terrible feeling to be caught wondering whether you need to bring your pet in for immediate or emergency care, or if the problem can wait until normal business hours. When in doubt, always call us so we can advise you on the best course of action for your pet. Come in or call during regular business hours, or phone our emergency on-call Veterinarian after business hours.

It never hurts to be educated, though, especially when it comes to pet emergencies and what symptoms are the most serious.

What is a Pet Emergency?

Some things always need attention immediately. This does not mean the situation is life-threatening, but rather that it may be serious and should be evaluated by a veterinarian without delay so that any necessary actions can be taken. The following always should be seen as soon as possible and should not wait: Continue…

Pets and Senior Citizens

iStock_000030333274_MediumPet ownership is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. And the love between senior citizens and their pets is no different. People with pets tend to live longer, happier lives in general, and the elderly are no exception. While pet ownership isn’t for everyone or every circumstance, it is certainly of great benefit for those who are able to take on a furry friend.

How Pets Help Seniors

Think of all the ways pet ownership can have a positive impact on a person’s life. Those who own pets will tell you what a great friend they have, how the companionship is invaluable, and how, at times, it’s often their pets that get them up in the morning…

Pet ownership offers a great support system for all people, including senior citizens. Having a pet provides seniors with: Continue…

Keeping Your Pet Well-Groomed and Your Home Fur-Free

iStock_000008669294_MediumWe adore our cats and dogs, but when it comes to excess fur left on the curtains, linens, and carpets… bleh! Depending on the season and the length or undercoat of your pet’s hair, some real shedding challenges arise as those fur tumbleweeds glide across the house and under tables (you can almost hear the Spaghetti Western soundtrack).

So, when the fur is literally flying and you don’t have a cowboy with a broom to call, what do you do? Well, first, you look to see if it has been a while since you took your pet to be professionally groomed. Pet grooming is the best bet to prevent shedding and matting from becoming a problem. However, weekly brushing between those grooming sessions is recommended, too.

Thankfully, there are some shedding-reducing techniques for keeping your home from becoming the furry Wild West. Continue…