The Importance of Maintaining Your Pet’s Vaccinations and Boosters

veterinary surgeon is giving the vaccine to the dog German ShephThere’s something about the idea of shots that has many of us wincing at the idea, especially when it comes to our best fur friends. No one really enjoys the thought of our pet experiencing the slightest bit of nervousness or twinge of pain. But, when we choose to forego this momentary discomfort (for us and them), we potentially put our pet at risk for numerous diseases or illnesses, some of which are fatal.

And, let’s face it; there seems to be a lot of media attention and misinformation being proposed around the dangers of vaccines. In reality, though, vaccinating your pet and maintaining his or her booster schedule is the single most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of many common, highly contagious diseases, while encouraging a lifetime of health for your pet. Continue…

Pet Grooming at Wheaton Animal Hospital

IMG_1524Keeping your pet clean and well-groomed is an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellness. If not done regularly, your pet could suffer from matted fur, hotspots, ear and eye infections, ingrown toenails and even infection. Don’t worry, though, Wheaton Animal Hospital is available to help you with your pet grooming needs, be it at home or at our Bubbly Spa Grooming facility.

Pet Grooming at Home

A good at-home grooming routine includes brushing your pet’s coat and teeth, occasional bathing (too much and your pet’s skin will dry out), cleaning ears and eyes, and trimming his or her nails.   Continue…

Pets and the City

Grey Cat Lying on Window Sill Looking out over New York CityCity life can be alluring with the hustle and bustle of culture and commerce. However, when it comes to pets and the city, urban life can also bring some interesting challenges for those who call the concrete jungle home.

City-dwelling pets face some unique challenges that other pets do not, or at least not on the same scale. Increased traffic, trash, people (and their pets), and the risks associated with them can all pose a potential threat to your pet’s health and safety. However, most urban pet owners find that the positives outweigh the risks, in most respects. After all, the city offers a myriad of dog parks, pet clubs, and pet care choices that many suburban and rural areas don’t. Continue…