Importance of Year-Round Parasite Prevention for Pets

Itching Tabby Cat, CloseupYou may think that you only need to worry about parasite prevention for pets when you see evidence that your cat or dog has contracted has them. Or, maybe, you believe that parasites are only a threat during certain seasons of the year. Unfortunately, many pets get ill, or even die, because they aren’t protected from these pests, including ticks, internal parasites, and heartworm, year round.

Flea and Tick Prevention

One of the most common misconceptions is that fleas and ticks have a “season” and that you can skip your monthly preventative during the cold, winter months.

But that simply is not true.

Even in the coldest regions of the country, pet owners and veterinarians will find fleas and ticks on pets all year long. In the winter months, the Continue…

Litter Box 101: Litter Box Behavior Problems

SpringCatHaving a cat that isn’t using the litter box can be a big problem. Sadly, cats going about their business outside of the litter box is the number one reason cats are abandoned at shelters.

But litter box issues don’t have to spell the end for an otherwise wonderful cat. This change in your cat’s behavior is likely his or her way of telling you that something is wrong, and usually that something can be fixed. Afterall, it is a cat’s natural desire to dig and bury their waste, which means that most cats come litter trained by Mother Nature’s design. It’s just up to you to redirect their behavior.

When a cat suddenly stops using the litter box it is usually a sign that something in their litter box or litter box environment has changed. And, since cats are notorious creatures of habit, this change is likely what is causing your cat to seek out other places to eliminate. Continue…