The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

GroomingYou might think that brushing and bathing your cat or dog at home is enough, but there are several health benefits that come with a trip to your local professional pet groomer.

Not only does grooming make your pet look and feel great, but it also helps keeps your four-legged friend healthy and comfortable in the long-term.

Expert Eyes

One of the biggest benefits of professional pet grooming is that, as pet owners, we often miss subtle changes that occur in our pets over time. For example, it’s easy to miss subtle changes in your pet’s weight or hard-to-see skin problems when you see your pet every day. Continue…

Valentine’s Day Pet Problems

Kitten with rose petalsValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while your mind may be filled with thoughts of Cupid, heart-shaped boxes, and bouquets of roses, it is important to remember our pets this time of year as well.

While Valentine’s Day treats and traditions are all in good fun, many of them pose serious and even deadly hazards for our pets. Don’t forget to think about how your holiday treats might affect your four-legged friends.


That box of chocolates is a traditional Valentine’s symbol, but it is best for pets to steer clear. Avoid the temptation to share and be sure to store them in a location that is not accessible to hungry, curious animals. Continue…