indoor cat careAfter hundreds of years as strictly agents in pest control, cats are now among our closest animal companions. Historically, many cats were never allowed to come inside a residence (much less rule one like the ones we know!). These days, however, owners are encouraged to keep their cats inside. Exposure to injury or illness just isn’t worth it when you consider the many positive facets of indoor cat care.

Safety and Wellness

Cats have a reputation for being a low-maintenance pet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need (or benefit from) veterinary support. While indoor-only cats may not be at risk of falling from a tree, getting into a fight, or suffering a run-in with a car, they still need protection from the following:

  • Heartworm disease – All it takes is one bad mosquito to make its way inside your home to infect your cat with heartworm. This disease is incurable and almost always fatal.
  • Fleas and ticks – These pests can find their way inside by hitching a ride on you or other pets and people coming into your home. Flea infestations are bad enough, but these parasites can spread awful diseases to your cat.
  • Obesity – Nutrition plays a huge part in indoor cat care. Without the benefit of exercise typically experienced outdoors (scaling fences, chasing birds, etc.), indoor-only felines can put on weight. We’ll get into exercise down below.
  • Dental disease – All animals need support in this department, regardless of where they spend their time. Routine dental care and daily brushing at home can significantly extend a cat’s life.

With routine wellness checks, we can also support your efforts toward optimal indoor cat care by providing vaccinations.

Elements of Indoor Cat Care

Once you have Fluffy’s overall health covered, there are day-to-day components of indoor cat care, such as:

  • Play and exercise – Invest in numerous types of chaser toys, catnip mice, lasers, and whatever else your cat prefers. Set aside 30 minutes each day to provide the best in physical health and relationship bonding.
  • Furniture and bedding – Cat trees are great for climbing, stretching, hiding, and snoozing. They can also create great launch pads for ambushes and jump-off points. Also, get Fluffy a nice, cushy bed for all those daily zzzz’s.
  • Happy plants – Many indoor cats miss fresh greens. The Pet Experts can help you find the right plants to keep near your pet’s food and water.
  • Grooming – Fluffy is a great self-groomer, but throughout the year, he or she may also benefit from a thorough brush out and nail trim.
  • A good view – Set up a nice shelf by the window for the sake of sunny entertainment.

The Pet Experts Care

At Wheaton Animal Hospital, indoor cat care is one of our specialties. Please let us know if The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital can address any concerns, answer any questions, or just give your indoor cat a snuggle for being so wonderful!