black catsThe connection between black cats and something ominous or monstrous is nothing new. In fact, the somewhat magical power of black cats has featured strongly in cultures around the globe for centuries. Thought to be evil spirits, Druid circles in Europe that go back over 2,000 years were known to sacrifice black cats on the last night of October.

Not coincidentally, The Pet Experts at Wheaton Animal Hospital hope to raise awareness of these special animals. No longer linked to dangerous witchcraft or pagan revelry, black cats are still widely viewed as “bad luck.” But not if we can help!

Not to be Trusted?

While the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, the majority of other cultures decided they were not to be trusted. Whether harbingers of ill-health or happenstance, black cats have been persecuted ever since.

Examining the Cause

Certain stories or legends cast a frightening light on the abilities of black cats, but they’re somewhat antiquated nowadays. Many people thought witches could transform themselves into the shape and size of a typical black cat, and they’ve also been associated with the devil and anarchy.

It may seem ridiculous now, but people could not seem to find any reason for their lustrous, thick, dark fur, their shining, almost luminous eyes, and their distinctly mystical natures.

Oh, That’s Good!

Fortunately, the ancient Egyptians aren’t alone in their acceptance of black cats. Japan and parts of Great Britain welcome black cats with open arms. It’s believed crossing paths with one actually conjures good luck, not bad!

Protecting Black Cats on Halloween

It may be unusual, but it’s not unheard of for black cats to go missing on or around Halloween. Certain types of satanic rituals call for animal sacrifice, but more often, teenagers aim to hurt or harm a black cat on this frightening holiday.

Shelters typically uphold bans on adopting black cats in the weeks leading up to Halloween in the off-chance they’ll get hurt (or worse) by prospective owners.

If you’re looking to add a black cat to your family, inquire with the shelter before Halloween. You might have to wait until November, but you can rest assured that the one you have your eye on will remain safe and sound.

Stay Inside

Indoor cats lead healthier, safer lives any day of the year, but especially during Halloween. If you’re already a lucky owner of a black cat who enjoys nightly strolls, please do your best to keep him or her behind closed doors. Not only will this protect your black cat from coming into contact with those who might cause harm, but black cats are notoriously difficult for automobile drivers to see in the dark.

To reduce the risk of losing your cat, make sure he or she is microchipped.

The Pet Experts Love Black Cats

Black cats are amazing pets and, like other animals, they need extra special care. If you have any questions or concerns about keeping black cats safe this time of year, we encourage you to contact us.